Monday, May 6, 2013

Newest Layers of Hope Project

This is my latest project I did my best to not put the same colors in the same rows, however by the time I got to the end, all I had left was the same squares.

It is for my Layers of Hope project for Quilting 911 and I wanted to use up some of my scraps.  Although I got rid of more fabric than I had ever planned when we moved, I still feel guilty if I buy more right now.

 Here is the photo I am going to use for the Layers blog and I took it to show the layers of a quilt, but also to show that it is almost finished.

At the last minute I decided to hand quilt some tulips and vines around the borders and I used a Frixion pen and cookie cutter to do this.  I love Frixion pens because when I am done, the ink just irons away.
I did stitch in the ditch with this quilt and on the border edges used a star stitch in contrasting blue to give it some panache!

I am believing this will probably go to a dispatcher in West, Texas, but not really sure at this time who it will go to.  All my quilts seem to choose their owners by the time they are finished!


Amy said...

great quilt! I have been wanting to do one with just squares.

stan knight said...

I received this quilt from you and wanted you to know how much it is appreciated. It is not only a beautiful quilt, but the fact that you thought of us and were kind enough to respond with an act of kindness is truly special. Many of the members of Waco Fire dept were personally affected by the tragedy in West, TX. Some live there, others have friends and family that do. Working that incident was emotional for everyone. Out of tragedies like West, TX good things will eventually come to light. Your support and concern is surely one of these "good things." Thanks for caring from all of us at Waco Fire Dept.