Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rowenta Irons...Worth The Cost?

I have had an issue it appears with irons lately, I can't seem to keep them.

My first one I had in a very long time replaced an old Hamilton Beach my mom had given me and it worked up until the day my hubby didn't notice it sitting on the wood stove until it smelled it melting.

I then picked up a Black and Decker at you know the WalMart store and less than 3 months later, it just died, quit working and that really upset me.

Then I wen to our local Goodwill store and managed to snag a great bargain at $2.99 on an older model Proctor Silex and it worked for awhile, but now the temperature doesn't adjust anymore and it sticks.

So, I am looking at Rowenta Irons as one option. Does anyone have a Rowenta, which one and do you feel Rowenta irons are worth the cost?  

I have heard it said that Ricky Timms states 'all steam irons are eventually incontinent and leak.' So, does anyone know which one he uses?

Someone said that the Black and Decker Digital Advantage iron works great, however, I believe in once bitten...I am worried about trying Black and Decker again.  My husband has also had some issues with recently purchased products from B&D, so maybe it is good to shy away.

Has anyone tried the SharkI purchased one of their vacuums when they first came out and was soooooooo not impressed. 

I know there are more out there...Panasonic, DeLonghi, etc.

I just don't want to be purchasing a new iron every year or so and if I have to, I will be buying them from the Goodwill.  At least when it stops working, I will feel I got my $2.99 worth out of it.

Also, if any company out there that manufactures irons drops in on this post and would like me to try their product for a review, I am very open to trying any iron that is sent to me and giving it my honest opinion.



Deb said...

I have a Rowenta and it's lasted 10 years and still going strong. I bought it at Joanne's with a coupon. It says that it's a Rowenta Effective, but I'm sure that they've changed the name over the years. I think they're worth the cost.

Sewing Junkie said...

I have a Rowenta and it sputters and leaks. It does heat well and I use a spray bottle to get steam. I have not found a good iron for a long time. Sticking problems I run a warm iron over wax paper and it recoats it. Good Luck. Chris

Katie M. said...

Rowenta are very nice irons, but,alas, they do eventually spit, sputter & leak....The absolute best iron I ever owned was a T-fal. It never did leak and I literally burned it up! I am now using a Norelco that my SIL gave me and it's nice, but when it finally 'dies', I will be looking to get myself another T-fal.

Donna Baker said...

I have an Oliso and love it. I saw a demo at a quilt show then bought it at with free shipping. it has feet that lift when you take your hand off the sensor handle so you do not have to put it upright when done ironing.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I will never spend a dime on another Rowenta. The last two never worked right I had an older one that lasted forever and never gave me any problems until I dropped it. My father-in-law fixed it but it didn't last long after that. I have now had a Hamilton Beach Durathon for about 6 months without any problems and it was pretty cheap so if it breaks in a year, I'll just get a new one. And this one steams wonderfully and doesn't leak.

J MC said...

I have 2 Rowentas, one I thought had given up (but it had not) and the other a purchase because it was on sale and a GREAT buy. I've probably had them both for over 5 or 6 years and they still work beautifully. It's a good investment. I don't think the models I have are still around, just go with the basic model and I think you'll be pleased.

Miz Karen said...

I have a Black & Decker that I have had for several years with no trouble. However, I haven't used it in a long time as my husband got me a Panasonic cordless iron several years ago and that is what I use now. I have never had a Rowenta although I hear they are good.
I haven't had much luck with appliances bought a WalMart as they don't seem to last.

Sandy said...

I love my Rowenta iron. I've owned 4 irons in the past 15 years. My first Rowenta iron lasted for 12 years. The only reason it failed is because I accidentally pulled on the cord to unplug it rather than the plug and broke the connection in the wire. I bought a "get me by" B&D that was horrible and failed very quickly. I got sucked into the Oliso hype and bought their very $$$$ SmartTouch Pro and was very unimpressed. Sold it and went back to Rowenta and will never look at another brand again. They are pricey, but keep your eye out for a good deal and jump on it. I hope you find one you love.

PeggySuesMom said...

I have a Rowenta iron and it works well, but the resevoir to hold the water (I am a steam fiend!) is WAY too small. I feel like I constantly have to re-fill it!