Monday, May 27, 2013

Quilt For A Friend

I have been a member for many years (since 1998 or so) of an on line prayer team and it has been an amazing ride as all of us from all over the world come together and pray for each other.

When my sons were going to court many years ago one of the members traveled from California to pray with us and sit with hubby and I in the court room. Later when she moved to Arizona, we got together for brunch a few times.  

When we received custody of the grands, it was the prayer team that got together and sent us a much needed baby crib because hubby and I couldn't afford one at the time.

When my son went to prison one of the members got up every morning and prayed for him and she fasted and prayed for him during her lunch hour.

We have sent Get Well cards to each other, I sent quilted placemats and an apron for one to cheer her up, we have been through a lot with our families and yet, stand strong and never waiver in our prayers.

Saturday, one of our members had her first grandchild born and I made this quilt for her.  I will probably never see this child, but I prayed over the quilt for her to have a very happy and wonderful life and I know she will!

I don't have an embroidery machine so I am always hoping when I am done, the name comes out somewhat readable and straight!

The back of the quilt.  The nursery is done in shades of brown so I used brown for the front and was happy to be able to find this pink fabric with little brown monkey's on it.

The label and I used fusible web to attach and then sewed a decorative stitch around the edge using clear poly thread on the front so it didn't show thru!

Using the remaining fabric I made 2 burp cloths to tuck into the package.

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Happy Memorial Day! Swweet quilt.