Friday, May 24, 2013

So Proud of My Grands....Birthday Ideas

A few weeks ago hubby asked my grandson what he wanted for his birthday and he said, 'nothing, I have everything I want already, you give us IPods, DS, food, take us to scouts, love us, make blankets for us, give us our pets, I don't need anything.' 

Oh yeah, you know the tears flowed a bit on that on.  Still, we just got his oldest sister a new bike (she outgrew hers 2 years ago and never once complained), he and his sisters were purchased by a wonderful neighbor.

He came back a few days later and asked for a baseball bat, he has a ball and glove, but no bat.  Can we say, broken windows? Even on an acre, I can see windows broke!

Yesterday on the way home they asked if they could have a Tornado party?  A WHAT?? They don't even know what a Hurricane party is to my knowledge, where did this come from?

You know the middle child said, we have the birthday party with cake and ice cream, games and stuff, but we ask everyone to bring a present for the people who have no houses anymore and we can send a box to them?

Wow!  'Where do you come up with these ideas?' I asked them. 'From you because you make quilts for them, so why can't we help too?'

I am so blessed to know these 3 wonderfully giving individuals and so very proud of them for doing this. I can totally see them getting into work as they get older to help others.

God has blessed us and those who know and will know these young children with a gift!


Sara said...

You are a good role model and definitely have lots to be proud of with those kids.

Mhairi said...

What amazing children - they are a true credit to you and your husband. I hope that you go to bed tonight with a warm glow knowing that these young individuals are the future of our world. I feel better knowing this and I hope that you do too!
Well done!!

Love Of Quilts said...

I hope they're party is a big sucess.