Saturday, June 29, 2013

Don't Tell Me It Has Happened....Dealing With Blogger

So, this morning I am catching up on reading all of your wonderful blogs when all of a sudden I get an error message from blogger telling me I am NOT following anyone.

Say What??

I am truly hoping this is a glitch or I am going to be lost when it comes to finding all of you as very few have signed up on Bloglovin that I can see.

Oh the winds of change with Blogger, how I despise your idiocy!

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tpott said...

I follow on GFC and I signed up on Bloglovin a few days ago. I don't see your Bloglovin badge thingy to follow you with? I'm not a person that knows much about tech stuff. I'm not sure but, maybe if we followed on GFC and transferred our favorites to Bloglovin that way, it might not show that we follow through Bloglovin? I'm learning something new everyday with this unwanted change. Good luck, I'll keep you posted if I find out anything. ;-> Toni Anne