Sunday, June 30, 2013

Have You Ever? I Have Never! My Kids Have Though...

I was listening to my youngest son talk to me yesterday and we got to talking about the things he has done, hasn't done and doesn't remember doing because he was to young.  

That got me to thinking about how much my children and grandchildren have done that I have never done and it is such a blessing to know they have enjoyed the life they have!

  • My son has gone surfing in San Diego. I body surfed as a child, but never got up on a board!
  • My kids have been to Disneyland and SeaWorld once (youngest was to young to remember bolting out of his stroller and down Main Street to get away from giant Mickey). I have been to Disneyland and SeaWorld at least 5 times.  My oldest grand I have with us has been once, her siblings never!
  •  My grandchildren have been to Hawaii once, my husband many times and my kids and I are still a big goose egg!
  • I have crossed the United States from California to New York at least 4 times, my oldest son once and the others and my grands none!
  • I have been to the top of the Seattle Space Needle several times, my kids and grands have been none. (Making that a summer priority this year!)
  • My youngest has been to Carlsbad Caverns none of the rest of us have!
  • My granddaughter has been able to go to Girl Scout camp and see amazing sea life, I have only seen in aquariums!
  • I have been to San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatrez Island and the Japanese Gardens...they have not!
  • My oldest son and I have been to the top of the Empire State Building, no one else has!
  • I have been to Mexico as a child with my grandma as we shopped for fabrics to make back to school clothes. My family has never been.
  • My youngest son has been to professional Wrestling matches I have not nor do I desire to go!
  • My oldest granddaughter, youngest son and I were at the Arizona Diamondback Celebration when they won the World Series and returned to Phoenix. The other grands weren't born yet and hubby and son and DIL were on a fishing trip!
Hubby, I and my oldest granddaughter have been to NASCAR races!

When my son and I were talking, he felt his kids would never get a chance to go to Disneyland and sadly since they have hiked their entry fee's, I am inclined to agree with him.

However, I told him, he takes his daughter regularly to Diamondback games and let me tell you, this little girl loves baseball so much she popped another girl on top of the head with a little flag she has when the little girl kept telling her to talk. My son said she told her NO!  Watching game!  Of course he had to take her flag away...but she got it back for the next game!

He takes them to the latest 3D movies so his wife can sleep, he takes them to the park and those little but so expensive mall carnivals, he spends time with them!

My husband and I will never make it to Belize, Hawaii or the Virgin Islands as we planned to do so many years ago, because we are raising 3 amazing kids. But we will do things as family and they will always remember that!

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Love Of Quilts said...

Maybe someday you can make it to Hawaii.