Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It is Finished, After All These Years

This quilt has been a work in progress for a very long time. Well, lets say I found the pattern many years ago, purchased the fabric for it and then it sat on my shoulder all these years saying: " I'm still here, are you going to ever complete me, hello...I am still waiting to be finished." 

Oh! Those pesky UFO's, so a few weeks ago I cut all the strips out and then little by little I began weaving them and then I realized they were wrong and had to redo them.

Sewing them turned out to go well until as you can see, that one set that just didn't fit right, but my husband told me it looks move oceanic that way due to waves.  Awwww, wasn't he sweet?

I placed the fish on with applique, added buttons for eyes and bubbles and the tropical fish border and it took its place on the quilt rack in our living room.  

It will be there until fall when I will probably put back up my NASCAR quilt or maybe by then I will make a Halloween quilt. 

 I really loved the back fabric and it looks like an entire school of tropical fish. I used a blue binding to continue on the sea theme.

 While I was on a roll, I decided to put together the pre-finished squares I had chosen out of the last traveling stash box i recived and since there are so many colors in this and I didn't want to go fabric shopping, I used the same blue fabric as the fish quilt for a small inner border and purple fabric for the outer border. Of course this one still needs to be quilted and I will try to work on it later this evening or early next week as it is heading to OKC.

 Here is the fabric I used for the back.  I loved the bubble fabric it just seemed like the right choice with its varigation of blues, greens and purples.
 But wait!  That's NOT all!  I took another 2 pieces I had chosen from the traveling stash box and made a table runner and living in Washington state and we are just entering the cherry season, everyone loved it!

The back has another seasonal cute fabric with little carrots, sunflowers and corn.  I did a pillow type of binding/sewing and finished it with a cute zigzag stitch around the edge.
I couldn't believe how much I had gotten done all in one day, but that is because I am focused on having our sweet granddaughter Emerald come for a short visit on Friday and wanted the house to look nice!

The table runner will actually go out on the picnic table for the birthday party!


Sara said...

Very productive day with great results. I'm sure the person who made those blocks and put them into the traveling stash will be thrilled to know they have been turned into a cute quilt already.

Patty said...

Your quilt is darling. I've never seen a woven one before. The colors and ocean theme are such calming colors!