Monday, June 10, 2013

Smiles On Monday

My Weaved Quilt
I was going through some of my quilting albums and ran across this poem by Barbara S. Wright and thought I would put it here for all my quilting friends and followers!

By: Barbara S. Wright

"My home has gone to rack and ruin
all because of what I'm doin'.
But I can't muster any guilt,
'cause what I love to do is quilt.

With trusty needle and some thread,
I stitch until my eyes are red.
My husband's getting mighty sour
as I quilt on by the hour.

He may gripe and he may moan,
but, my, how my collection's grown!
He says he won't know what to do
if he sees just one more Sunbonnet Sue.

It seems I'm always on the go,
driving to the next quilt show.
I haven't won a raffle yet;
but I'll win one soon, I bet!

I may not be the perfect spouse.
I may not keep a tidy house.
But I don't let it bother me.
My quilts will be my legacy."

I am not even sure what quilting magazine this came out of, but I kept it because I think it is cute!  

Hope it made you smile!

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