Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Majestic Mount Rainier

We truly are so blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest, but we have the most wonderful view of Mount Rainier just as you turn onto our street that is possible.

However, Sunday we packed the van up with our visiting granddaughter Emerald Alice, the other grands, hubby and my ex-DIL and off we went to play in the snow!
Can you tell which one is from Arizona?
I didn't give it much thought prior to looking at the pictures, but those of us who have been living up here for the past 7 years wore shorts and tennis shoes. Little Emerald has on 2 shirts and some snow boots!  Just FYI, had it been February or March, we would have been dressed just as warmly!

 My husband took this shot of the United States flag up against the mountain and it looks so tiny!

We came home, had KFC for dinner and then I stayed up until the airport shuttle came to pick them up at 0230.

In 3 days, we managed to squeeze in, family photo session, a parade, a birthday party for 3 of the 4 and a trip to see her majesty Mount Rainier.


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