Friday, June 28, 2013

Sneaking Out Of The House...Part 2 Of Girls

Once again I have to say, I raised boys so this pre or post pubescent girl thing I do not understand and while I was NOT a perfect angel at this age, I would never have attempted to sneak out of the house...

Last night I went to bed early something I usually do NOT do, I am a night owl, but I have been experiencing lots of chronic pain and pretty sure it is stress and weather changes.

I woke up around 11:00 and went to turn off the lights and check on the grands. However, one of the grands, was no where to be found. We checked the bathrooms, the closets and front and back yard...she was gone.

This distressed me so much because we live in the boonies, there are no street lights, out in the country, homes are not close together and girls disappear in the middle of the day.

Hubby woke up and we called her friend. Oh no, she wasn't with her and didn't know where she was, but she would text her for us. Was she with a boy?  Was she gone?

Sure enough we go looking and she is between our home and her friends home on the way home...last post from her friend was:
'grandma called, RUN!'

She has lost her IPOD and probably all her privileges for a very long time! Right now, while I have sat down and talked to her about how disappointed we are and how scared we were, I have no other words for her.

I know several have told me they were bad as teens and others have said they had daughters that weren't very nice.

I am seriously looking for some help here! What punishment would be appropriate?  This isn't the first time her friend has not been totally honest with us or stretched the truth to try to keep her out of trouble but I can't blame her totally because she snuck out of the house on her own!

Also when it comes to young girls and friends and staying overnight what do you think is too much or enough?  Last summer it was several times a week, sometimes she would stay a few days and it got to be to much.  This summer we said once a month.

I don't know!  We are just entering this with 2 of them. Make up which grade should they be allowed to wear it?  They are 6th and 7th and I think that is to soon and many of her friends wear heavy eye liner and eye shadow!

She dresses very modestly wearing long shorts and tank tops or camis under her shirts, they are not low cut, she doesn't wear tank tops or spaghetti straps, she is basically a Tom boy!

However, her two friends that live close both have boyfriends, 1 of the boys is very quiet, very respectful and I have talked to him many times...matter of fact now he is actually coming up to me and talking to me and our dog love him.

The other boy I have only met once, but granddaughter doesn't like him and only tells me it is because he is who he is.  No more and from a 12 year old, who knows!

Is there a boy for her?  I don't know, I think maybe so the way she acts, but I can't tell for sure but right now to hang with her friends she has to hang with the boys as well.

I do NOT like this age!!  Growing up our boys would have girls come to their windows at midnight...I was always calling parents to have them come and get their girls because while their knocking on the boys windows never woke the boys, it always woke me up!

I am trying to work on making our yard 'pre/teen' friendly.  Hubby and I are looking at picking up 2 benches and setting them outside with a cooler of ice and some water bottles for the kids, giving them a place to hang out.

I have already been looking for low cost picnic tables, a swing or glider and things kids can just hang out on close to the house yet far enough away from the house where they have some privacy when they talk!

I am seriously at a loss!

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