Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Information For Prescott Firefighters and Their Families Updated 7/7

Here is what I have so far on the families of the firefighters.  If you would like to make one for a specific family, please let me know so I know who is covered and who is not. 

Just like Aurora we are doing a bit larger than lap sized so they will fit any sized adult.

  1. Robert Caldwell was just married this past November and leaves behind his wife and 5 year old stepson (No names on either at this time) His wife is Claire and his son is Zion! **This family has been taken**
  2.  Eric Marsh was married he and his wife  Amanda had no children and was an avid mountain biker. His nickname was Lifeline after a former ambulance company he worked for. **Erics wife Amanda quilt is being taken on by Jess over at Quilty Habit and Eric's parents were taken by another wonderful quilter**Family has been completed!**
  3. Chris MacKenzie left behind his dad  Michael who was also a firefighter and Chris was an avid snowboarder , his mom Lauri Goralski**My thanks to Renee Hoffman for taking this one, it will be amazing**We still need one for his mom Lauri
  4. Grant McKee left behind his mom and dad Marcia**Taken by Quilting Ranny** and G. Scott McKee,**Taken by Sandy Rowe an angel** his grandparents and his fiancee Leah Fine.
  5. Sean Misner left behind his wife who is 7 months pregnant a baby quilt for a boy sex would be great as well as one for his wife.  He also attended Santa Ynez High School their mascot was the pirates. **Adopted by Quiltingranny**
  6. John Percin Jr. left behind his dad  (John Sr. and mom), it said he loved Baseball and attended West Linn high school out of Oregon and their mascot was a Lion. The love of his life was his labrador!**Family taken by Brenda, thank you for all the quilts you are making!**
  7. Jesse Steed left behind his brother, a Renton Police Officer named Cassidy Steed (if so inclined to make a quilt with both the firefighter logo intertwined with the police logo that would be awesome and this could be sent directly to **Jesse's brother Cassidy's quilt is spoken for and will be personally delivered, Thank you to Brenda for stepping up and taking the rest of the family!**This family is now completely covered**
  8. Travis Turbyfill left behind his wife Stephanie (is a nurse) and 2 little girls, he previously served our country as a US Marine **This family has been taken by Sherry Westcott and her amazing daughter Mallory!**
  9. Billy Warneke and his wife  Roxanne were expecting their first baby in December. He loved nature and was a US Marine as well. **The family has been taken by I Am Just One Mom, such a blessing!**
  10. Keven Wayjack's father is a retired Los Angeles County Firefighter Captain Joe Wayjack**Taken by Cyn**
  11. Dustin Deford is the son of a Baptist preacher and is from Ekalaka, Montana and he liked to cliff jump and leaves behind 9 brothers and sisters each are listed here: SSgt Brandon         DeFord, Rachel Anderson **Taken by Marilyn**, Becky King, Ryan DeFord( Thank you Merritt for taking Ryan), Kenton Deford, Stephen Deford, Nathaniel Deford, Rebecca Deford and Heidi Deford and his mom and dad (Steve and Celeste)! Dustin loved the lord and was not ashamed to show it!**His family does not live in Arizona, if you would like to step up and make one for them, please contact me for an address in Montana!** We have one agreed on, I need 8 more!**
  12. Clayton Whitted played football for Prescott High and the team mascot is a badger his wife is Kristi.  **Adopted by Carmen of Prescott!**
  13.  Travis Carter married to his wife Krista, they have 2 children Brayden 7 & Brielle 3  **adopted by Cynthia Harris, we still need one for Brayden and mom Krista **he loved the outdoors and was raised on a ranch and played football in high school. **Mom adopted by Pat**
  14. Scott Norris leaves behind his girlfriend Heather Kennedy and his mom Karen!
  15. Wade Parker was to be married 10/2013 to his love Alicia, besides Alicia he leaves behind his mom and dad his dad was a fire Captain for Chino Valley Fire **Thank you Carmen for taking this wonderful neighbor** please think of his family and fiancee! He was a devout Christian, played the guitar, loved Jesus and loved to sing with the youth at his church, was a mama's boy, loved to hunt, lettered in football!
  16. Anthony Rose is engaged and his fiance Tiffany is expecting a baby girl in the fall, think of both of them please.  **Thank you to new quilter Tammy who felt led to do this!**
  17. Joe Thurston left behind his wife of 11 years Marsena she was also his high school sweetheart. He was a father of 2 and I have no information at this time on names, sex or ages!**Entire family adopted by Beth Kinder**
  18. Garret Zuppinger his dad Bryan lives in California his mom Suzanne Wagner lives in Avondale.
  19. Andrew Ashcraft left behind his wife Juliann and 4 children ( Sterling 6 years old (boy), Shiloh 4 (girl), Tate will be 3 (boy) and Choice 1 (boy) **I have had a new quilter step up and say she can make 2 quilts for this family, I had another quilter step up today and take the rest of the family!** This family is now completed covered for quilts!**
I will as always update this information as quickly as I receive it and of course if you have updates, please let me know.

I would like to start with quilts for these family members, so please if you pick one, let me know and I will mark it as covered.

Thank you all! 


Beth Kinder said...

His father, Bryan Zuppiger, lives in California, where Zuppiger would spend the summer. His mother, Suzanne Wagner, lives in Avondale.

Beth Kinder said...

This website has stories of all nineteen men.

Joe Thurston: The couple had two sons: Ethan, 7, and Collin 4.

Scott Norris: Karen Norris said when her son traveled, he sent descriptive, entertaining e-mails, and once in a while, he even penned a poem. The Grand Canyon was a favorite place, said Scott’s sister, Joanna Norris.“Even when there was no dire need, he went out of his way to be there for those whom he loved,” said his girlfriend, Heather Kennedy.

Beth Kinder said...

In addition to his wife, Whitted also left behind his father and two sisters.

Beth Kinder said...

sorry for all the posts but I wasn't sure how much I could put in one post....

Friends said Woyjeck was close with his two younger siblings.
“His brother is a spitting image of him,” Fabrigas said. “They were best friends.”

I am interested in making a quilt or two (no particular family in mind)but could you tell me when they are due and what the requirements are?

Beth Kinder said...

4-year-old daughter, Shiloh was his only daughter. The oldest boy, Ryder, is 6. Tate is 2. The youngest, Choice, was born on Feb. 15, 2012.
It’s a birthday he shares with his dad.

Sherry said...

I would love to help out. . . . just pick a name & let me know who I am making a quilt for!

crazyquiltpatcher AT yahoo DOT com


Beth Kinder said...

I can take this family. I already have a stash of quilt tops that just need to be quilted.
Joe Thurston left behind his wife of 11 years Marsena. The couple had two sons: Ethan, 7, and Collin 4.

Cyn said...

I have a quilt that would be perfect for Keven Wayjack's father. Let me know where to send it.