Sunday, August 4, 2013

Morning Breakfast

A few days ago I took Diva Girl into the local farm stand with me to find some melons and veggies and she asked if I would make some sour apple juice with blackberries so I said what else, but yes!

This morning I took out the Jack LaLanne Juicer tossed in some apples and some blackberries for juice.  **If you own one of these juicers, I found adding apples in the shoot and then the berries before pushing them down got the best results.  Also the berries will clog the screen so you will need at least once to rinse it and start over.**

I also made those Krispy Kreme Donut muffin recipe that has been going around Facebook and while they were light and fluffy the sugar topping took away from the Krispy Kreme taste.

My suggestion would be to make a powdered sugar glaze and poor over them while they are warm and serve them warm but not hot.

Here the kiddos are enjoying breakfast and their juice in the 'good glasses.'

 Have a blessed Sunday!



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