Monday, August 5, 2013

All About The Plants and Flowers

 Earlier last week two of the grands came home with this beautiful puff of Hydrangea flowers and I love blue flowers because you just do not see that many in blue.  

When I asked them where they got them from, they told me a flower tree and I asked if that tree was in someone's yard.  They said but it is a tree.  I told them I loved the flowers but next time to ask the home owner if they can pick off their tree.
 Yesterday hubby came in the door with this beautiful bunch of Dahlia's and I asked what the occasion was since my birthday is still a few days away.  He told me one of his customers insisted he bring these home to his wife.  He let me know he had babied these all day to keep them safe.

Just look at all the wonderful colors...yellow, pink, orange, red and some deep violet. I am thinking I need to plant some awesomeness like these in our yard. 

Very cool was the fact the customer placed them so sweetly in a Ball jar for me!  Trust me in our region, these jars are like gold so I was honored they gave me a trusted vase for them!
 Since we are on plants this morning, I had to show my 2 window plants. The one on the left is my Avocado plant I rooted from an Avocado pit and the very same one I fretted over when we had to cut it down to 3".  

When it gets to 12" we have to trim some of the leaves off of it and I am hoping it will thicken up a bit as the trunk or stem is about as big around as a toothpick, hence the yarn and stick to keep it strong and tall.

Not sure what the one next to it is, I picked it up at WalMart or Safeway and it grows like crazy. Right now it is screaming at me to give it a new home as the pot it is in is way to small!
Lastly on my sill is this Peperomia plant knockoff.  I say knockoff because in the process of transplanting the larger plant, hubby accidently bumped this and knocked it off.  

We didn't know if it would damage the main plant or not and we didn't know if it would root, but hubby stuck it in water and said it couldn't hurt! What do you know? It is getting ready to be added to the bigger plant in a few days.

Here is the main plant and you can see the stem that is clipped has a brand new shoot coming out of it.

I love living where I do because I my plants are amazing when they grow and this one I have had for almost a year now!

I hope you have a beautiful bountiful garden in your life even if it is on a daily walk through your yard or neighborhood!

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