Friday, August 23, 2013

Update Granite Mountain HotShot Quilts

The Following Families have been completely adopted and I can't wait to show the quilt pictures when I get them:

  1. Eric Marshes Family adopted!
  2. Jesse Steed's Family adopted!
  3. Travis Turbyfill's Family adopted!
  4. Anthony Rose's Family adopted!
  5. Robert Caldwell's Family adopted!
  6. Andrew Ashcrafts Entire Family Adopted!
  7. Joe Thurston's mom and family adopted! 
  8. Grant McKee's Family adopted!
  9. Wade Parkers Family adopted! 
  10. Scott Norris's Family and girlfriend adopted!
  11. John Percin's Family adopted! 
  12. Clayton Whitted's Family adopted! 
  13. Kevin Woyjeck's Family adopted! 
  14. Chris Mackenzie's Family adopted!
Here are the family members I have left:
1-Chris Mackenzie's:
  • Brother Aaron  **Adopted by Jennifer Robin**
  • Stepmom Janice Mackenzie**Adopted by Jennifer Robin**
  • Stepsisters Janae Gier and Jill Allison**Adopted by Jennifer Robin**
2- Sean Misner's Family
  • Parents Ronald and Tammy Misner (I may have assigned them to someone but have no record)
  • Sister Steffie **Adopted by Terri D**
3-Billy Warneke's Family
  • Mom Kathie Purkey **Adopted by me, Quilting Ranny**
  • Dad Harry Warneke
  • Sister Melinda Warneke
  • Brother Fred
  • Brother David
  • Half Sister Victoria Purkey
  • Grandparents Jack and Nancy Warneke
5-Dustin DeFord's Family (His is the largest)
  • Jonathan DeFord
  • Darren Deford
  • Brother Kenton DeFord **Adopted by Kerri**
  • Brother Stephen DeFord **Adopted by Kerri**
  • Brother Nathaniel DeFord**Adopted by Kerri**
  • Sister Rebecca (Becky DeFord) King **Adopted by me, Quilting Ranny with help from Pat West**
  • Sister Heidi DeFord **Adopted by Marilyn**
  • Lyle and Emily DeFord (grandparents)
  • Bill and Flo Crago (Grandparents) 
6- Travis Carter's Family
  • Dad Tripp Carter
  • Mom Glenna Eckel **Adopted by Quilting Ranny with top made by Julianne**
  • Sister Melissa Lange **Adopted by Quilting Ranny top made by Norma Jean**
7- Garret Zuppinger's Family
  • Dad Bryan

In addition to those that have already been adopted, I have several quilts being mailed to me to put together and when they arrive I will determine which family member they go to.

I am hopeful this is the last update we will need with the exception of saying mailed and showing pictures. Bless you all as you truly are amazing angels!


katygal said...

A couple of weeks ago I emailed you a picture of the quilt I made for Andrew Ashcraft's daughter and I mailed the quilt the same day (August 7th).

Merritt said...

I'm still working on the quilt for Ryan Deford. I'm in the process of machine quilting it now. Hope to have it completed soon.