Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smelly School Socks, Putting Tide To The Test

All summer long my home has smelled normal as opposed the gnarly smell of the inside of someone's gym locker as it did prior to the end of school in June.

However, 2 days into the new school year with brand new shoes and socks and my house already is making me gag. Seriously folks, I cannot stand the smell of gross and nasty foot odor.

Last year the kids were coming home from school, leaving their shoes on the back porch, their socks went into a 5 gallon bucket of water with Borax and Bleach and I used a paint stirrer to make sure they got soaked.

However, after 3-4 days sitting in the bucket, I had to wear a mask and gloves because the bucket smelled like sweaty stinky feet. Would bring the socks in, pre-wash them and then wash a second time.

Feet were required to go directly to the tub and be washed with soap and water and sometimes they had to wash them twice they were that smelly.

The other day I had them put their socks in the washer and the next morning forgetting what I told them to do, I opened my washer and almost gakked the smell came up and punched me in the nose.

Now understand, we have tried sneaker balls, baking soda, foot sprays, buying them 2 pair of school shoes so they can alternate each day, making them wear flip flops when they are home, NOTHING works!

This is where the makers of Tide come in and I am going to put them to the test right here and now...
Yesterday while shopping at the grocer, I remembered I needed laundry soap and my eyes hit on this bottle of tide because, 'it claims,' to remove tough odors.
 Well, I cannot think of a stinkier more tough odor than a few days of kids smelly socks and I am going to put Tide to the test since it says it is meant for sports apparel and what is worse than gym or sport socks?

My usual go to brand of laundry soap is Tide but without the scent, so lets see if Tide and Febreze can stand up to the challenge, after all both of their reputations are on the line with me!

I will keep you posted!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

My hubby has the worst stinky feet too but using foot spray and/or foot powder daily really helps too.