Monday, September 2, 2013

Today, 32 Years Ago

It is funny the things we don't see or ignore until one day they are right in your face and you wonder, 'Where did these come from?'

Yesterday I went to get my October planning pages (yes, I still carry a planner around & use it all the time!) and there was a greeting card sitting under the pages which I had never noticed in the past.

I opened the card and was shocked!  First, the card was one my husband gave me on our tenth wedding anniversary and do I remember that.

My husband is a great man and he is also a practical joker. He kept telling me to NOT expect anything, don't think I am getting anything, but this was our 10th anniversary and I knew he was joking.  NOT!!  I got the card and was very broken hearted. 

Funny discussing it last night was funny, but I was so upset many years ago.  Of course at Christmas he made up for it, he buried an anniversary ring in the Christmas tree and I never saw it.

Also in that card was a Valentine card from when I lived in New Orleans and I was happy to see the complex I lived in while working at an oil refinery is still standing and looking as beautiful as ever!

A Mothers Day card from our Harley days and the most precious of all, the very first letter my husband ever sent me when I moved to California several weeks after we met.

It was odd reading that letter because he kept calling me Jean and while that is my name, for as long as I can remember, he has called me Babe.

I am so happy, technology was not then what it is now or I wouldn't have those precious memories, to hold, to reflect back on and to remember.

As love would have it, today, 32 years ago, he took me Bumbershoot in Seattle via the ferry and while it hasn't been a smooth ferry ride all these years, it has been an amazing roller coaster ride!

Here, I thought I had burned all those letters years ago!


Sara said...

You need to tuck those cards back into your planner to come across again in the future - to renew the memories all over again.

Patty said...

What a wonderful surprise to find. I wish more people sent cards and wrote letters.