Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Unwalking Boot

Well, unexpected for me and I am not sure why it came as such a shock I was put into what is called affectionately by me as the 'unwalking boot!'

 If any of you have followed me for awhile, you will know I am so ungraceful, my dad and his wife call me Ilene. That is because I barely can stand on my own two feet without falling, so putting on a huge clunky boot makes it not such a walking boot.

With this boot comes my companion the walker which I also loathe, but have used often in my early morning risings with Fibromyalgia.

I dislike having to rely on my grandchildren for little things like ice water, or my husband to take on his work and my chores. I dislike having to sleep on the couch because sleeping in my bed is not comfortable and since I use a step stool to get in isn't easy either.

In 2006 I broke my tibia and fibula and in the past year the pins (or so we thought) on the inside of my ankle were becoming painful...wearing a boot or anything that touched my ankle caused intense pain, then the back to dragging my foot...I wasn't waiting to long this time.

Friday I went in for outpatient surgery and out came these two screws. Wow! Longer than what I thought they were and cleaner to. However, the issue my doctor doesn't feel was the pins, but the large piece of loose bone floating around that was removed.
Of course there was because with me, nothing is as it seems, my medical/surgical issues are always out of whack or something odd. So the bone was removed, the area cleaned and stitched and the boot on.


The doctor didn't tell me about a boot, said I would be walking out on my own, no need for my walker, but the doubting Thomas in me, told hubby bring the walker.  Whew!  Glad I saw needing it coming.

The first few days, hubby was home, I took my medication, rested, and I still am, but now it has turned to angst!  I feel like I am a thorn in my husbands work plans, I feel useless, I feel I need to get up and clean...DO SOMETHING WOMAN, STOP LAYING AROUND!!

But alas, I cannot. I have to let the bone heal, I have to keep the boot on. I have to do this because I want to walk without pain.

Night before last hubby wrapped by leg and had to sit by the shower so I could shower and get help getting in and out so I wouldn't, well you know...ILENE!

Yesterday he had to take time off from work to take me to the doctor and came home and settled me in and then came home and did laundry, dishes and he is soooooo tired.

Today, Diva girl woke up, sick. Great, now what? Hubby can't take time off from work and she couldn't remain with giant tonsils. So lucky for us, her medical insurance sent a van to pick us up, take her to the doctor and bring her home.

I hated it!  Absolutely felt helpless.  I felt defeated. Friends tell me it is okay to ask for help, but I do not like asking.  Mainly because I have been told NO so many times as I was younger, I quilt asking.

However, we do not know anyone in our area.

I am thankful the transport service was available and even more thankful she was home with me today and rested.

Next week, I have to get my stitches out and hubby can't take any time off, the kids have eye doctor appointments and hubby can't take time off.

Next week will be a challenge, I am NOT sure how things will play out, but I am sure I will still be in the UNWALKING BOOT!

Why I thought I would be doing a 5K this week-end is beyond me... But healing right now is most important!

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