Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quilting Makes A Difference...Thanks PW

So, I am NOT going to complain today about the boot on my leg. Oh, I could, but I won't!

Instead I want to thank a wonderful friend who last week mailed me a huge box of fabrics, patterns and things to help make quilts for the first responders and their families.

Inside the box was a simple pattern with 2 clay buttons and while I can't make larger quilts, I can make small ones.

So, with the help of Diva Girl on Sunday, I took that pattern and made a room hanging for Emerald Alice, our granddaughter that lives in Arizona and who is the sister to the three I have custody of.

Diva girl learned how to carefully use a rotary cutter, drew my outlines and she was the motor to the sewing machine so while I guided the fabric she was the pedal operator!

All the fabrics were left overs from last year when I make a friend a Halloween hanging for her new apartment.  The zebra striped fabric was a bit left over from a quilt back and since Emerald is all girlie girl, I thought she would like it.

While many people do not understand why I quilt, I know all of you do and there was something peaceful about making this. It kept my mind off my foot, made me think of someone else and gave me joy!

I hope P.W. doesn't mind that I used these 2 buttons and pattern for a grandchild! Much of the rest she sent has already been divided into other projects for first responders!


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Sara said...

Very cute and your granddaughter will love getting something special made by a sister and a grandma. I'm sure your friend will applaud your good use of the pattern and buttons.