Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tide Sport Detergent - My Review

First and foremost I want to say that I have NOT been compensated in anyway, shape or form from the makers of Tide Sport detergent, I am just a grandmother wanting to rid our home of smelly, stinky, kid feet smells.

On September 1, 2013, I posted that I had purchased a bottle of Tide Sport with Febreze and not having ever seen an advertisement on it, thought I would try it!

I have used 2 bottles and let me tell you there is a difference. If you are going to purchase this, I suggest you only purchase the Victory Fresh scent as the Active Fresh scent does not smell pleasant at all.

The first bottle I used was Victory Fresh and it smelled great and my clothes smelled wonderful. I thought they had something with this new Tide.

Then I couldn't find it and picked up the Active Fresh, right away I noticed my clothes began to smell sour like they had sat in the washer to long.  I had to rewash my clothes and that is when it hit me that it has to be the laundry detergent.

I went to the Tide site and sure enough there are many complaints about the smell of the Active Fresh, from moldy to cat urine so it wasn't me!

All in all, it worked, it kept the smelly stinky feet smell out of the house, the kids can walk around in their socks again and they don't have to immediately come home and wash their feet.

On a scale of 1-10 I give the Victory Fresh a 10
On a scale of 1-10 I give Active Fresh a 1


I am Just One Mom said...

I am already a fan of Tide, so I am going to go get some Victory Fresh Tide. Thank you for the tip!

barbara woods said...