Thursday, November 14, 2013

Between the layers

I was going to title this between the covers, but thought that might sound to 'R' rated.

I get a few requests now and then for quilts, but many times between the layers of charity quilts I am making quilts to sell to bring in money to pay for shipping and handling or even like now, a new more improved page for quilts.

I bet many of you think I have just gone batty (as in batting) and stopped altogether, so I had to show you my latest baby quilt I completed.

Yes, it was a panel and I sandwiched all the layers together, added a blue fleece backing and a primary colored stripped binding and it is now in my pile of 'if it sells, it sells and if not I will find a home for it when the time comes.'

It looks odd shaped, but that is because I didn't have anyone to hold it and I pinned it with 2 straight pins on a wall.  I would love a design wall someday.

I used my Singer machine and away I went with FMQ all over. Have no clue what that dark spot is because it isn't there without the camera.

Funny, it looks purple at the top photo and more true to blue that it is on this one.  

So, I am still quilting, extremely slower than I have ever been and must go now to finish another one while I am pain free for the time being!


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