Monday, December 2, 2013

Three More Quilts Done!

These are three quilts I have all complete thanks to my co-collaborators who helped put them together. Joanne H. send the 2 bottom ones as a very large 8' plus long quilt for a child.

I then had a request for quilts for the families of dispatchers affected by the Colorado floods. Can you imagine not being able to get to your home, to any of your belongings?

I cut the quilt top in half and made 2 over 4' long quilts for a seven and ten year old set of brothers and the log cabin at the top goes to mom Kristen.

They wouldn't have been possible without Joanne making the tops and backs and sending me the batting.  All I had to do was some FMQ and the binding and labels.

I need one more for an older brother and the Owens family out of Colorado will be fully quilted.

I am still looking for quilts for several disapatchers in Colorado and another dispatcher whose home burned down and has several children.

If you would like to make a quilt for one of these families, please let me know.


Julianne said...

Hi old is the brother that you need a quilt for? I have a quilt top that would be good for a 20 something male or older. Let me know if it would help.

Quiltingranny said...

Julianne, he is 12!

Sara said...

I have a quilt top that I would be willing to donate. I even have the backing fabric and the binding is ready to go. It is the blue and yellow one I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Large lap size and suitable for an adult I think.

I know I can't get it quilted myself, but maybe someone else in your network could do that. Let me know if you would like me to send it and if so, where.