Saturday, January 11, 2014

Planters Pistachio Mix Absolutely Yummy!

Have you tried this?  If you are not allergic to nuts and don't suffer from an illness where you cannot have nuts, you must pick a can of these up, the most amazing mixture I have had in awhile!

I usually can't eat nuts, but my problem seems to be directly related to peanuts for some reason.  I can digest all nuts but peanuts as they truly just upset my digestive system.

I am on a goal this year to eat healthier, get well and lose some weight and while I was looking for good snacks yesterday, I ran into these and decided to try them!

First, it is chock full of Pistachio's without the shells, so no worries about trying to open those little boogers when they are barely cracked and no green or red die on your fingers.

The almonds and cashews are perfect with the right amount of salt and if you eat them they way we are meant quantities of 35 or less at a time instead of like I used to just mindless eating, they are healthy!

I can put then into a small snack bag and take them along on my walks or to the doctor when I have to go because that is usually a 4 hours trip, so I am not cabinet raiding when I get home because I am starving!

**This is my own review of this product. Planters nor any other company has asked me to review this product and I have not received any compensation from anyone for my thoughts** 

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