Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Serious...It Is Still Being Quilted?

These are the words I ask myself everyday as I sit down to complete 3 quilts that should have gone out awhile back.  Sadly, the holidays, my Fibro and silent migraines and back pain, I am much slower than the Hare that lost the race to the Tortoise.

Seriously? Yes, I ask myself that every morning when I see the quilt sitting on the machine. Are you ever going to get this done? When will you sit down and get it done?

It frustrates me that I have slowed down so much and yet, I keep slowly working at it, hoping they will come up with something that will make me feel whole again.

I am working on the possibility of getting some Middle School children to help me complete one of them as I know they would love to do this project I am in the midst of.  Just getting the school to okay it or the board.

In the meantime perhaps tomorrow after I see the Endodontist about a very bad tooth and decide if it stays or goes, I will have time to finish the one I am working on.

When it is done, I will have 2 more to finish up for the completion of all the quilts I promised to get out in 2013.  

I have also decided to hop on board the save your spools train in 2014 and see just how many spools of thread I empty out in a years time.

I used to have a day or two where I would feel great and just get so much done, but those days have seemed to elude me and perhaps it is because of the wet and cold and damp weather.

I will get one of these quilts done in the next few days, I promise, Seriously!

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