Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Is It Really Like Apples and Oranges?

 So, last night while sitting on the couch and talking to my husband, I told him I thought it was time for me to get another sewing machine or perhaps an embroidery machine.

For a few minutes, I really was beginning to believe I was on the planet Mars talking to an alien who has no idea that I am a quilter or that I founded an organization dedicated to helping our unseen heroes, the 911 Operator.

I said I wanted another Brother because it has some great features my Singer doesn't have such as the knee lift for a presser foot, touch for pedal, cool stitches and off to the wild blue hubby sailed!

'Don't you have enough machines already?' Come on, what quilter has enough machines and what happens if one doesn't work or needs repair?  

'Let me see said he, you have one you use all the time right now, another you use for whatever it is you do for quilting (a wonderful gift from a dear lady I have never yet met) and, oh yeah, one in case the power goes out, which it never does and if it does, you can't sew in the dark.'

'Oh can't I?' I retorted. 'What about using a head lamp?'  Of course he laughed! Which got me to thinking, how many tools does one need?  Oh yeah! I am just that kind of wicked at times!

You are right I had to admit, I do have three machines and I am still working on learning how to wind the bobbin on the treadle machine, but what about tools?

'How many wrenches to you have?' I asked him.
Well, one can never have too many and this morning to prove the point he showed me the one on his key ring, 2 that he keeps in his pocket.  Okay, I smiled, I knew this was a moot point.

'How many do you need?'
Of course, his answer was, 'all of them.' I agree he needs different ones for different jobs, but then I asked..'how many saws, staple guns, caulk guns, measuring devices, levels do you have and really how many DO YOU NEED?'

He knew this was where I was going and he laughed. 'I don't get it he said, can't you just hand embroidery everything?' I gave him the ice cold are you crazy stare.

'I could and I can I said, just as soon as you screw things in by hand, use a hand saw to cut things with, only one level and oh, yeah, only one tape measure.'

The twinkle was in his eye, he laughed and said, 'you are good, that is why I married you.'

Life is apples and oranges, then, again, is it really?


marilyn said...

what you really need is two of you. One to cook and clean and take care of the kids an hubby and one to sew 24/7. If only we could figure out how to do that, then we could get everything done in a day that we want and need to do! I'm still trying to figure out how to do that myself.

Quiltingranny said...

Love it Marilyn...however being disabled, I do what I can when I can and BTW, he read this post and laughed and said..'cute!' Gotta love them!

PeggySuesMom said...

OMG! I dont usually comment on blogs but I just had to let you know that you and your husband are a repeat of my husband and I. This is so SPOT ON! Thanks so much for sharing - you really brought a smile to my day!! :)