Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitty and A Giveaway

This is our kitty KC or Casey depending upon which of us you ask. You can tell she isn't much into getting her picture taken and is really good at knowing when to turn away.  Cantankerous kitty she is, we still love her!

We are not kitty people, however my oldest granddaughter was at my old bosses home one day and KC came over to her curled up on her chest and it was love.

KC was a feral cat or maybe she really still is. We brought her home and had to close off doors and the basement or she would hide and we couldn't find her and one time crawled up into the false ceiling and we came home she was in the yard!

She was part of a family my boss and her husband had been feeding for several years as she could point out great grandma, grandma, aunts and mom.  However, her husband had passed on and she said she couldn't afford to feed more cats.

We took KC home with us, she was seen by the vet, was spayed and my brave, brave, 100% nutty husband went where most people would never go...into the bathroom with the cat.  While she was cute, she was full of fleas and hubby gave her not one, not two but several flea baths over a period of time.

The vet also gave us some tablets to kill fleas immediately and we began a monthly flea regimen.  For over 2 years, she was an indoor cat and happy.

When we moved to where we are now, there are 3 other cats in our area, all 'fixed,' and she was NOT happy, so I let her go outside. Now she rings the doggies bells to go out, she scratches to come in and she is much happier.

I see her hunting with the neighbors cats and she loves us so much she has brought us 2 dead mice and a dead mole.  Ewwww, I am happy that they are dead at least!

You can tell here by that look she doesn't want her picture taken! She is almost 3 years old, she and the dog get along great and she doesn't spray everywhere!

Would I have another kitty?  Probably not because I love my Boxers and want to get another dog, but if other cats were as good as she is, definitely.  KC has never climbed the curtains, scratched the furniture, or sprayed anywhere and while she is NOT by any means a cuddly kitty, she is ours and we have learned to live with her feral side.

She doesn't like strangers and will scratch them to pieces if they get near her (they are always warned not to), she scratches us if we are petting her for to long or she doesn't want to be bothered.  Other times she will lay on her back and stretch out and want to be loved on.  She HATES car rides.  Not her thing and even as a kitten we would take her with us and she did NOT want to be in the car.

Vet visits are such a treat because by the time we get the 2 miles to the vet, she is so wound up and agitated it takes 2 techs to give her shots.

My hubby would miss her terribly as they have a morning routine of her laying on her back and him playing with her using his feet, she swats them, attacks them and when they are done she gets fed.

She also keeps the dog trim and slim because she eats dog food when she thinks no one is looking. 

Everyone at least once in their life should have a kitty!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

KC sounds like she has found a perfect fit in your family.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

KC is great looking. She definitely has found her home. We call Elly kitty most of the time ourselves..:)

Lee Ann L. said...

Glad you have her in your life.

Ruth said...

We're a doggy family too but my cousins have 6 cats all rescues and they are all gorgeous and like yours not all of them like to be petted. They pretty much let you know when you are allowed pat them!

Dana Gaffney said...

KC is very lucky, feral cats are never easy so thank goodness you both had the patience. I think you're pretty lucky too though.

Jacque said...

KC is a beautiful kitty! In spite of not wanting to have her picture made! LOL Thanks for joining our party!

Missy Shay said...

She looks very sweet! FYI only un-fixed males spray, that is why she never sprays. :) I am so glad ya'll gave her a good home!

Debi said...

Ahhh, what a sweet kitty. She is one lucky kitty:) Thanks for sharing!

June D said...

Lucky Cat to be with you!

My childhood cat used to bring kittens in the neighborhood over to play and then would have the old cats over to lay out in the sun together in the back yard.

So much fun....

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Great post! I love cats with attitude - our 1st cat was dangerous with strangers who insisted on making friends too. LOL