Monday, March 24, 2014

Live With Meaning, Live Believing Live or Die, You Win

Last week, the world lost a wonderful young man, a young soul and an amazing man of God, the world lost Shawn Kuykendall and so many people including myself who have never met him but have been touched by the life he lived and led and his videos that will make you smile, think and cry have been given a glimpse into what angels on earth look like.

Shawn was young, in his 30's, in great health, a soccer player from a young age and played for DC United professional soccer team, he was just a beautiful person.

Check out the foundation Kuykenstrong.  Shawn showed the strong side of cancer, those who have it and somehow make others feel good while they are in pain, from what I have followed and read, he didn't complain, he didn't ask why me, he simply said; 'Live or Die, I win!'

There were hundreds, probably thousands of prayers going up for him and many were people who didn't know him and yet, like me, were drawn to his smile, his antics, his living life as we all should, with humor, with love, with compassion and with the knowledge and belief he was going to heaven to meet Jesus.

I have worked with cancer patients, some accept with grace what they are going through, some get angry at God, some make amends, some get bitter, some are in the most intense pain and yet, find relief knowing their life had a purpose and God has His reasons.

Shawn also said, 'My biggest ray of hope is that God has a purpose for me.' Well, I believe God used Shawn to show the world, to show those of us he touched and yet never met how to be humble, how to live life to the fullest, how to laugh, how to do things with humor and a zest for living that few know how to do.

I have felt like a stalker the last months of this amazing mans life because I never knew him, but someone I have never met, yet know knew him and every time she posted about him, I wanted to know more, see more, laugh more and I followed his journey.

Near the end so many people felt the same way and I know in my heart that Shawn will live on in everyone's hearts who he touched in some way forever.

I know that through him, I have wanted to be a better person and a few days ago while getting dressed, I put on a pair of capri's and went to get a pair of socks and instead of my usual these will work, I grabbed my pink and purple pair with the owls and said, if they make someone smile today, why not.

You see Shawn was like that, I saw some of the silliness in him and he shared it with others. Check out You Tube and I am more than sure you will see him smiling, dancing and singing!

Today, remember Live or Die in Christ, we win!

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