Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quilting Strips, here, there and everywhere!

Yesterday, I planned to finish binding the last few quilts that Marilyn L. sent to me, however I realized I had moved my cutting mat and quilts into the living room whilst hubby slept, but I forgot my binding material.

So, I decided to fix some things that needed fixing and see if I could put together some of my scraps into what may wind up being a quilt.

My quilting area is a big mess right now. It is most definitely time to start building my quilting shop and if I am lucky, we may be able to start this coming summer some time, but it is expensive as the building alone is going to cost around $4000, that doesn't include electricity, insulation, walls, floors, cabinets...anyway, you get the picture. 

If not, here it is below. You can see my mailing boxes for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911, my treadle machine which somehow needs to be moved away from the door so it doesn't collect 'stuff.'

The tall box near the door is heading out to be recycled, the white box on the floor is full of denim ready to be made into grocery bags, the LED rope lights should be going up next week, then there is my Sizzix (which I sadly have never used), my Accuquilt, baskets of notions and one of my machines. 

 I won't show you the master bedroom because it looks much worse and no matter how I seem to organize, it is impossible with no real places to store things.

I didn't realize I had so many left over pieces from another quilt I had made and put in my Layers of Hope Etsy shop, so I took all the extra pieces and put them together. I will continue to add more of the same colors as I have bits and pieces left over, but it is truly going to be a scrappy quilt.

Another box of scraps and some blocks I will be using later this week. The drawing is one that the oldest granddaughter did and I will be taking it to the local tattoo parlor and having them put it on my leg, I think it is so original, she thinks I am being creepy! I know the local shop is amazing and they will bring this out wonderfully!

I even took over the piano bench yesterday and diva girl was a bit upset and I don't blame her since I tell her she can't put her books up there.  Sadly, we are looking for another piano teacher, her last one and the same that our clarinetist took lessons with called me out of the blue one morning and said, ' I am sorry, I can no longer teach them.'  The day before their lessons had not gone well, both were off their game and made mistakes, but I think I upset him when I noticed his house was up for sale because when I asked about it, he became very defensive.

I have to admit I cried. Clarinet girl is first chair in jazz and regular band and it is because of what he taught her. We have another piano/voice teacher close by, so after a much needed vacation for our family I will talk to her and see if she will take diva girl.

I sewed strips together for a strip quilt, the bottom left purple is the one I worked on yesterday, the others have been sitting in a box, I just make them when I have extra fabric and when I get enough will make a quilt.

These are very easy to make, really take no measuring at all and use lots of strips and scraps and if you are like me, I can't part with scraps unless they are less than an 1" wide or long.  I usually wind up boxing them up and sending them to those I know who do lots of crafting with scraps.  I do think I need some more boxes for scrap sorting!

This is NOT the way to put tumbler blocks together and I think I will do a tutorial later that shows beginners how to do them. I was so frustrated I almost tossed them.

 However, a few of you responded and told me to check out You Tube and I got these put together yesterday as well!
 This is a picture of the quilts I was going to bind, sitting on my sewing box which I was going to organize but never got around to and the cabinet you can barely see sits on 2x4's on the floor and holds thread boxes, bobbin, boxes, button box and baskets.
 Today is another day, and I am hoping to perhaps or maybe not, bind the final quilts and get them put up on the shelf. Or maybe the kids and I will go shopping for clothes for vacation!


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