Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Hat

My Hat
My hat, is small for my head, but protects it from sun!
My hat is black, but still keeps my head cool!
My hat is a man's hat and my grandchildren thought it was cool!
My hat protects my eyes from the sun!

I will wear this hat with a smile each time I wear it!
I will never take this hat for granted because it was given to me by a man who had nothing but this hat and he gave it to me!
A man whose story I do not know, all I know is he gave me all he had to give and for that reason I will hold my head up high when I wear...My hat!

*The man who gave me this hat is homeless, he lives on the street with my son and he worried about me, someone he never met, someone he doesn't know, because even in the homeless the care for one another and he watches out for my son and was proud to meet us.

I do NOT know his story, I didn't ask, but I know when he gave me his hat he let me know it was new, someone had given him money to buy a hat to protect his head, but he wasn't worried about him, but about my head in the California heat.

I will wear my hat with a smile!

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