Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thank You Avis Rental Cars and Dodge

Our vacation limo!
As with any trip any distance, we all want to make sure our car is at its 100% and while both my vehicles are paid for, they both need some routine maintenance (i.e. tires for one) and have some comfort issues.  I cannot travel in a car for a long period without having to get out and move my back.

I contacted Avis rental cars and reserved a mini-van and expected just a plain and simple van.  Avis gave us a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan with stow and go storage, DVD player (didn't hear not one, 'are we there yet?' from the kids!

The individual middle seats and bench seat back made it a very nice ride for the grands and they didn't fight over how their seats were adjusted, if one wanted to relax and the other didn't they could position the seats to their liking!

Rear heat and air conditioning and individual control vents stopped fights over 'I'm to hot, or I'm to cold' arguments. Each child had a small storage place on the seat in front of them so they could store their electronics, books, pencils, etc. and not spend hours trying to find them each day!

I loved the automatic back sliding doors and hatch, they close nice and slow and not one time did we get a door open message.  The sliding doors also had windows that rolled down and made it nice when the kids wanted air!

The gas mileage was amazing most of the time it was 27 MPG but many times we got 29 MPG and we were fully loaded!  The one sad thing was it had flex fuel capabilities so we could have used E85 fuel. However, we found 1 station the entire trip that had E85.

Dual glove boxes, made it nice to keep our paperwork separate from the little things I wanted close such as my camera and IPOD!

The ride was a glide. Only once in over 3200 miles did I say I HAD to get out and move around. Most of the time the trip was comfortable whether I was driving or hubby was driving.

Avis was quick in and quick out, very courteous and helped us when we couldn't figure out the new electronic key...okay, so I am THAT old!  The van was fueled full and clean and ready to go when we needed it.  The price was great and with an AARP discount, it was better!

I do NOT like my husbands Dodge truck. Mechanically the engine is sound, but the heater core went out years ago and although it has been replaced, it has gone out again. The cruise control quit working years ago, the dash board began cracking within a few months of having it and no I didn't use any dash products.  Dodge refused to fix the dash it looks like a jigsaw puzzle and if you open the glove box, be prepared as it falls off the dash.  The back drivers side door doesn't open.  I would NOT ever buy another Dodge truck!

However, I own a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan and drove a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan and they are great vans.  My son owns a 2001 Dodge GC and likes it.  When it comes to vans, I believe Dodge corners the market on excellence!  You can't beat a Dodge Grand Caravan in my opinion.  They are awesome!  However, the should get out of the truck business!

Dodge and Avis are a great combination!

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