Monday, April 28, 2014

Oso Landslide Quilt Update

Oso Landslide Quilt Update

As of today, I have the following:
  •  247 quilts
  •  68 fleece blankets
  • 3 boxes of used clothing **PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME CLOTHING** I have no place to store it!
  • 1 pink diaper bag with matching quilts
  • 2 Vera Bradley bags 
 Last known, there were an additional 70 or so in Mt. Vernon and 40 had been picked up. Today I believe 20 will be handed out to the chaplains that have been in the area since day one, offering comfort and helping where they can! 

There are still more we need, so please adult quilts only from this point on as I spoke to someone in the area last night and she stated there is NOT a big need for baby quilts.

I have been blessed due to my years as being a 911 emergency telecommunications operator to have the confidence of those in the area to keep me somewhat in the loop.

The 2 beautiful matching quilts you see below will go to the rtwo sisters who not only lost their parents, but right after helping with the clean up lost their cousin a military member to suicide.

It is my hope that these 2 that came from two different people in two different states will give these young ladies some comfort knowing the world cares about them.

 Please continue to send quilts, our goal in the beginning was to get 500 and we are almost half way there, so keep them coming.  

I am expecting several calls today to give me some numbers for my journey to the area to drop these off on Friday. Please pray that I can make this trip as it is about 3 hours up there from where I live, the driving in the area for distributing the quilts and the drive back. In all, I am thinking about 10-12 hours in the car.  My back is causing me lots of pain, please pray it settles down.

Thank you so much and if you don't know it, you truly are the most amazing quilters ever!  You are quilting angels!

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