Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shout Out Sunday

What is Shout Out Sunday?  It is my day today to give a huge shout out and virtual hugs and genuine thanks to all those who have helped get quilts to me to take to Oso.  

If I miss anyone, forgive me as I have more boxes to open!

Marilyn Thomas           Des Moines United Methodist Church
Sisters Fabrics                      Jennifer Saia       
Sewing Klatch (Calvary Chapel Newport Beach, CA)
McChord Chapel Quilters      Peace and Grace Ministries
Marilyn Lewis     Joy Griffith          Janet Shaw           Judith Hartman
Amy Pflleiger     Cee Kueser           Joann Hooser
My Family for giving up space in the home (Jerry, Shyann, Jonathan and Alysha)
Rebecca Beckenbach           Desert Sky Quilting                Nancy Phillips
Patty Derobertis          Bonnie Engstrom                  Sandy Mink
Jennifer Wendorf                   Donna Scott-Vines       Kathy Nyman
Valerie Root        Alie Aller            Phyllis Baas and Kathy Stone
Martingale Press and their amazing quilters
Marcia McCurdy           Debra Creach                   Pam Lockwood
Just a few of the people who have blessed this organization so we can reach out and help others! 

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