Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quilts Arriving

The quilts are beginning to arrive and I feel so blessed to be facilitating this to reach out to those who lost so much.

First, my treadle machine is holding as many as she can and true to her name, she is saying Mercy what a blessing!

 This adorable baby quilt came in today from Marsha M. of Washington and grandson happily volunteered to hold it up.
Two more came while I was out running errands from Debbie C. also from Washington.  I think I am definitely making some day trips for hugs this summer!

 Then this morning bright and early before 0800, a knock on my door brought two of these beautiful quilts from Phylis B. and Kathy S. also of Washington!

Theirs are the very beautiful purple ones in the top picture and they are amazing.

Last night very quietly, Fed Ex dropped this one off from Allie A. of Washington along with candy for me!

I cannot wait until delivery day to see how many we have!

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