Sunday, April 6, 2014

Help With My Singer Heritage Macine

Today my Singer Heritage has decided to give me fits and I need to know if anyone has any ideas. Besides the fact she is tired and needs to see the Singer doctor, however, when looking on line, there are no service centers near me.

So, here is the issue. I am using my embroidery foot to quilt and 1 of two things happens:
1- It takes a few stitches and the thread breaks
2-It takes a few stitches and the bobbin breaks

I keep getting a C6 error. Anyone has any inkling I am open!

A few days ago I took it apart, cleaned it really well, oiled it and put her back together and she was running great.

Today, I have changed the thread, bobbin and needle. I have adjusted the tension, I took it apart and see nothing that can cause these issues.

Does anyone have any clue?  I took her down and put back up my classic heavy duty and guess I will take the Singer to our local quilt shop and have their person look at it.

I would use my treadle machine however I have not been able to master how to wind the bobbin on that and I have so many quilts that need quilting.

I am using a quality cotton fabric for top and back, nothing odd, I just can't figure this out and I am not feeling well so it is really irritating me.

Perhaps I need to take it to the shop tomorrow so when we come back from vacation it will be ready to go.

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