Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Micro Work Shop

We have seen them, heard about them and possibly even for a flash thought, hmmmm, I can do this. Yes, I am talking about micro homes, tiny homes and hubby and I have been talking more and more about how much we really need to get me out of the living room for my quilting!

Seriously, I am all over the house.  The only rooms I know that aren't full are the bathrooms, the girls room (sharing a room doesn't allow me much space), the kitchen and sometimes the living room dependent upon what is going on.

Lets take a tour and you can see why it is so important for us to build me a quilting space of my own even if I can't be out there every day and even if it will take a year for hubby to get in the insulation, floors, walls, etc..

The cutting/storage table in the Master bedroom

Bins of fabric, bag of batting pieces, pillowcase of scraps, extra sewing machine
, Master Closet

 So, haven't I heard somewhere that the master bedroom is not supposed to have things in it that can keep you awake or interfere with relaxing?  Oops! I think these are things my husbands nightmares are made of at times!

Exiting the master bedroom, we now enter my grandsons room and I am so grateful for his sweet disposition and willingness to share his bedroom and the closet with me!

Space between the closet and his desk. These boxes are filled with quilts for Oso!

Grandson's closet, well, I only took half of it up, more quilts for Oso!

 These are the boxes I have left after making two trips to Oso and delivering over 250 quilts and fleece blankets so far.  The clear bin you see if filled with infant girl quilts.

From there, we are into my living room. No judging the way it looks, it is always in constant disarray as we get new quilts in, pack up for another trip to Oso, send quilts off to 911 professionals in need and take in quilts!

My main sewing, storage area and boxing area for sending quilts off. It is full!

Inside the front door are boxes packed up to go to 911 professionals NOT related to Oso and the bins have quilts for our National Guardsmen and women!

Yes, if there is an empty space, I can fill it with a box of quilts!
 So, as you can see, there are no really good places to not place boxes. Well, with the exception granddaughter told me she doesn't mind the boxes under her piano bench, but please, stop using the top of the bench as she can't practice!

So, in my mind, I am trying to maximize every inch of the 200 square feet I can have and we know the loft will be used to put shelving and quilts, however since I have Fibromyalgia and admit I am on the heavy side of life, we can't have a ladder, we need stairs.

I have looked at tiny house plans and find none with stairs going to the loft.  I need some ideas for this.  The more I add in the form of windows, the more the cost is going up for us.

However, I love sunlight (maybe because we don't get it very often) so I want a small window in the loft, 2 over my sewing machine area, 1 where my long arm (when and if I ever get one) will be and a skylight!  No, I don't want much!

We will replace the regular barn doors with a residential door at the opposite end of my sewing machine area.  This wall, will have no window as I want a wall where I can place a tall cabinet if I want to, the wall opposite the long arm wall will have no windows because it will have a stair case.

It will be a gambrel (barn style) space and I am very confident we can figure all the space options out, but I am truly hoping I can have a staircase with storage under it so it is not wasted space.

Right now the biggest issue is, I want it in the front part of our property and hubby says the back but there isn't space on the back side of our home to get it between our deck and the fence.

On the other side of the property is the issue of not knowing exactly where our leech field is for the septic tank and NOT wanting to crush anything.  

Oh well, these are just minor details.

Hmmm, thinking we need a new fence, perhaps we can take the old one down and get our neighbors permission to drive onto his property to temporarily access ours.

Oops, better hope hubs doesn't see that last comment!

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