Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh Boy! This is Going To Take Awhile

A few weeks ago I received a package with 10 very brightly colored bandanas and what ever possessed me to make them into an adult sized long quilt is beyond me, but I did.

Yesterday, the grands were calling it the 'Jolly Green Giant Quilt,' not because it is green, but because it is extremely long and would fit an extra long twin.

So I sit down at my machine to quilt it after spending several days drawing the pattern on the squares I wanted and realized it won't fit in my machine, it is to bulky.

So, I found my large embroidery hoop and decided to crazily hand quilt it, well right away my left hand let me know it was going to rebel and it did with such extreme pain in my joints I had to stop and go.

I am making another trip to Oso on Saturday to pick up a few more quilts and to drop more off, but mainly to enjoy being with my grands and enjoying a BBQ and some entertainment while knowing the money I am spending is going to help the survivors and the Oso fire department. At the rate the quilt is going, it should be done by early next year. HAHAHA!!


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