Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Kitchen Window

I use my little kitchen window as the eyes to my backyard's soul and at different times looking out, I can see and hear many different things.

I have just a few plants (3 to be exact) that are permanent residents, the one in the birdhouse planter is being moved tomorrow to a new home in the house as it has grown to large for the planter and when we upsize it, it will no longer fit.

The 2 glass containers each hold Avocado seeds in various stages of growth and this time I truly hope to get it planted and covered before the fall hits and kills it.  Last year it got to cold in the house and died.

This year I am going to plant them in the ground with lots of mulch and a plastic sheet or bucket over them when winter comes and see if that works.  However, I do understand Washington state probably isn't the ideal climate for Avocado's where I live.

I have seen quail couples dancing on my fence, a racoon once and today, I just happened to snap the picture and then realized the kids had just climbed out of the swimming pool.

In this picture if you look really close next to the birdhouse planter, you can see my grandson as he was passing through the yard.

I love my kitchen window.  On snowy days it makes me realize how wonderful it is to see the first snow and be warm inside with my family.  On rainy days, I love seeing the rain come down and know I do not have to water my huge Evergreen tree's.

I cannot imagine having a kitchen without a window to look out while I do dishes, wash my hands, cut veggies and fruit up and be able to be so thankful for the view outside my window.

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