Friday, June 13, 2014

Oso Quilts, 353 and Counting!

At this time, we have now delivered 353 quilts and 72 fleece blankets to the families, volunteers and first responders from the tragic Oso landslide. 

With an abundance of baby quilts, we were also able to donate a box to Quilts of Compassion when the tornadoes in the mid-west hit to help them deliver to the families who lost all.

I want to let you know that each and everyone of you have helped to continue this mission to help those in need. If you could only blog or instagram, FB post or Tweet about what we were doing, YOU Helped!

If you just sent me a thank you note to let me know what we were doing touched your heart, YOU Helped!

If you sent one quilt or ten, YOU Helped!

I want to say thank you to all of those that have reached out and if I miss anyone, I am truly sorry, it isn't my intention, but sometimes names are missed but I can tell you, your love and warmth were welcomed!

Sandy and Quilters Point of View, AZ
K. Aho, Minnesota          Allison A., WA
Martingale Press, WA
Town Square Fabric and Yarn, Burien, WA  
Elizabeth B., GA
Debbie B., Newport Beach
Lyndall B., Oregon
Sue Brown (Magpie Sue)  
Cathy B., MT
Busy Bee Quilters, TX
Claire C., United Kingdom
Linda C., CA                      Barbara F., MD
Gayle C., OR                      Maureen, G., NJ
Kathy C., WA                     Kathie, G., WA
Beverly C., WA                  Griffith, J., WA
Terri, C.,CA                        Carrie H., CA
Nancy C., CA                      Elaine H., WA
Teri D., WA                        Cynthia, H., KS
Christina D., OR                 Judith H., CA
Victoria Purkey, WA           Deborah H., SD
Evelyn E., MT                    Eva H. WA
Jan F., WA                          Holmes, N., MA
Etta F., NJ                           Hooser, J., SD
Tomme F., OR                    Hurst, R., TX
Grace Quilters, AZ             Holly Grace Designs, KY
Inami, M., NV                   Klouda, S., AZ
Keefer, J. CA                     Koyanik, N., VA
Kueser, C. KS                    Lauback, C., NY
Kviteseid Lutheran Church, MN
Lee, B (long arm services volunteered)
Lewis, Marilyn, CA (I can't thank her and her group enough for their support all year around)
Faith Quilters of Our Lady of Loretto Parish, CO
McClain, J. WA                 Marshall, M., WA
Marvin, S., MO                  Matthiesen, J., WA
Merrick, M., WA               Miller, P., MO
Moore, L., CA                   Vanessa, N., IN
Oberhelman, M., IA          Pate, C. TN
Pipitone, S., IL
Peterson, Christi from Breaking Skagit 
Grimes, Janice and Quilts of Compassion 
Quilters Anonymous, WA 
Quilters Junction Quilt Shop, WA
Quiram-Schinske, WA
Ray. L., IL
Rayburn Crafters, TX
Renicker, Roxanne,TX
Richmond Beach Lutheran Church, WA
Saia, J., IL
Sanders, K., CA                   Smith, M. MI
Sellmann, Brooke
Shaw, J. WA                         South Sound Quilters, WA
Shields, K., OR                    Snider, K. OH
Peery, S., OR                        Stancl, K., CA
Sisters Fabric Shop, WA 
Smith, Lisa (Arlington Hub for Oso Families)
Spletzer, B., MI (Another one of our year round supporters)
Szafranski, D., NY               Weis, P., IA
Thomas, M., Wa                   Weyers, M., WA
Toulouse, P., NV                   Williams, J., WA
Trammell, J., MT
Skagit Valley YMCA (They were amazing at setting up a collection point for us, thank you to Mary and Jennifer for all they did and continue to do!)
United Methodist Church, Darrington WA & Pastor Sandy for taking in the quilts we brought for the Darrington families.
Wackerman, Louise
Wagnon, J., CO
Des Moines United Methodist Church, WA

Watersedge United Methodist Church, OH
Weathers, Lynn, CO
Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop, WA

**None of these quilters or supporters that have shops or blogs, did this for recognition, they did this because their hearts are huge and filled with compassion. So please, if you have a moment, stop by one or two and thank them for all they do for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.

Blessings to all of you!

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