Sunday, June 15, 2014

Passing It Down

I have been wanting to make Diva Girl a Hello Kitty nightgown for awhile now and purchased a pattern and the fabric, however with the Oso landslide and all the quilts and then having my medication pulled, I am not feeling so well lately.

Today, I decided she should learn to sew, so she ironed the freshly washed fabric, I showed her how to fold it and read the pattern and had her lay it out and pin it. 

She learned to cut most of it, when it came to pattern markings, I cut those. then she sewed the stay stitches and gathering stitches for the front and back yokes. I did the sleeves.

Then...I realized I had no lace or eyelet so a quick trip to WalMart and I had the eyelet for the neck and arms and by that time it was 8:00 and I was done for the day, in to much pain to finish.

Tomorrow is another day and while she is aggravated I pulled her away from her IPOD, I know she will be overjoyed when it is done and she can say she did most of it! 


Sara said...

plus she will look back on a great memory made with you at the same time she was learning a life skill. Wish I could have gotten either of my girls interested in sewing. Maybe one of my granddaughters will want to learn.

Quiltingranny said...

Oh no Sara, she frowned all day yesterday, but I told her one day she will thank me for teaching her a skill!