Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We Now Have a Second Bathroom!

Well, actually, we have always had a second full-bathroom however, the kids couldn't use the shower or tub because we couldn't get the cold water to flow and the first time we tried, we knew they couldn't do it.

However, we have a truly amazing landlord and I called, he sent a plumber out and it was an easy fix.

Living on a well, crud builds up in the pipes and the water heater was so bad, it had rusted through the floor and my husband showed me what was in it, it wasn't pretty!

After a year of having kids use our bathroom shower and leave messes all over, hubby finally remembered to tell them the second tub faucet wouldn't flow.

Today, they came out, cut and installed an access panel into the back of the shower, removed the faucet, forced water and air into the pipes and out came, rocks, sand, goop...yucky stuff!

Put it all back together, turned on the cold water and Houston...we have touchdown!

We are blessed to have such wonderful people to rent from!

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