Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sisters Together Again

These girls have been separated for to long, it is so awesome to see them together again as a family.
 We have had the oldest three for many years and we have had sole legal custody of them since 2008.  They always ask us why their sister can't live with us and I tell them the same thing, her mom has her and there wasn't a way for us to get her, but God will bring them back together.

I have no idea what is going on, just that mom called a week ago Friday and asked if we could take her, she did not want her to go to anyone but us and stated something was going on in her life and she needed to be with us.

We picked her up at the airport Friday at 3:00, she got off the plane with a smile, carrying a little bag with what she said were her most important things (broken crayons, color book, some paper, some change she is saving, etc.)a bag of dirty clothing and a pair of sandals she said she found in the trash (2 sizes to big for her).

We took her to lunch and to JC Penney where we got her 3 cute tops, socks and a pair of shoes that fit.  So glad we went to JCP because she wears a girls plus size 14/16 and they had some nice tops.

Then it was off to Sears for 3 pair of shorts as it is hot here and I had no idea what was in her bag and I wasn't about to dig through it.

Got home, started laundry, had the girls clean a spot in their room for a small plastic dresser with 3 drawers and Shyann said she could have her bed to sleep on (Shy has always preferred the couch and right now until we know what is going to happen, it works and everyone is happy).  

I have a birth certificate for her and nothing else.  The paperwork mom sent does not help me in Washington state as it is not notarized and I need legal guardianship status to get her medical insurance or she gets sick and CPS steps in and we don't want that to happen.

After dinner, more shopping at Walmart for water shoes, under garments, personal items  and home and everyone was exhausted.

Yesterday we went to the water park several hours away from here as my husband gets tickets every July and the kids had a blast while hubby and I chilled out on a blanket under a shade tree.  Oh my! I even took a nap! Well, grinning sheepishly, I actually took two!

Today we are hearing a bit more from her, but not much and I am not pushing it.  She told us she has three last names because her mom has been married three times.  I told her, that she only has one last name and it is the same as her sisters, her brother, her dad and yes, her mom because she has never legally changed it like she was court mandated to do.

I also told her that her mom never married either of the other two men she was calling dad and she only has one real dad and not even a step-dad.

Sadly, she looked at me like I was crazy, but you could tell she was taking it all in and processing it somewhere in her little head trying to figure me out.

She has been told so many stories that are not true such as we just 'snatched her brother and sister and took of with them, uh no sweetie that would be kidnapping, we have them because a judge knows we take good care of them.

While coming back from picking up a few things for lunch today and stopping at Dutch Bros coffee in Centralia, I heard her say, 'I am glad to be here, you have good things and Ranny and Papa take care of us.'

How long this will be, I do not know, but please pray for all of us!


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