Saturday, September 27, 2014

End of Summer Bouquet

Well today my granddaughter in Phoenix called to tell me it is raining and she doesn't like the rain. I told her we gets lots of rain in Washington and she let me know she doesn't like it.

This is the first week-end of fall and in our area, it is beautiful. The sky is bright blue, their is just a slight breeze, the windows are open to allow for some fresh air billowing through the rooms.

Hubby and one of the grands are out on the river fishing for Salmon and I am hoping they are as lucky as they were last week-end and catch at least one.  There is nothing like fresh Salmon on the grill.

We had a pretty heavy rain this week and lots of wind and my Bachelor Buttons took a whomping and some are still standing, which made me decide to cut some of what I had in bloom and bring them inside.

I know what the purple one is, someone told me the pinks are Dahlias and my little corner I have worked on is full of them.   The really brighten up the dining room.

I don't know how long these beautiful blooms that brought me so much joy during the summer will last, but I am glad they grew. I planted most of them from seed this year, so the fact the slugs and snails didn't eat them or the local cats, I am happy!


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