Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It Feels Amazing!

It feels amazing to have my home back to myself during the day. Oh forgive me for saying that, but at 58 years old and raising our grandchildren and having a pretty chaotic summer and trying to home school one who did NOT want to be here, did NOT want to miss friends, it was a rough beginning.

To recap our summer, you know my hubby and I have been raising 3 grandchildren since basically their birth. We have asked for prayers for the 4th sibling and prayed they would be united.

Well, on July 11th this little girl was put on a plane in Phoenix to show up to Seattle with the clothes on her back, a bag of stinky moldy clothes, a small bag of books, crayons and a metaphorically speaking huge trunk of baggage!

Since being here, she has stolen money out of my purse and lied about it. Stole a pack of gum from a local store and in her words, ' because she wanted it.'  She has told one lie after the other and even her teacher states she can tell when she is lying. 

At this point in time we are seeking counseling for her, but she has no remorse at all. She has no emotion when she gets caught she just continues to lie and lie some more. This in turn upsets the others because they weren't raised this way.

So, home school child went back to public school and he is very happy about it. Which leaves me home during the day alone and today I have even managed to get some quilting done. 

This old lady needed a break and time to think! So happy to be quilting again and to have a quiet house!


Farm Quilter said...

I'm glad you got some sewing time today. Very difficult to deal with a child who is an accomplished liar and totally lacking remorse...as a retired special ed teacher, this kind of child was a huge challenge. Praying you will have more success then I ever did!!!

Quiltingranny said...

Farm Quilter thank you for letting me know we are not the only ones facing such a challenge. I am sure over the years, you made a difference!