Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Spring Numbers 166

I just received a numbers check for the eastern Washington quilts for the fire fighters that fought the Carlton Complex Fires this summer in our state and that number is 166.

Our snow has just started falling and I will not be making the trip back over our passes until spring probably around end of March or early to mid-April and I am hoping this gives all my quilting friends who are 'snowed in,' so to speak time to get a few quilts made and sent out to us for delivery.

Here is the email for the request:
There are 29 fire depts in the county and you could do 20 as an average. I DO know that Omak has 32. Okanogan 28, Malott 25 and FD 9 has 23.  

Please remember we do not need infant sized quilts just large adult unisex quilts!

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