Friday, June 26, 2015

Go Cougars!

Our granddaughter Aly loves Washington State University and the Cougars. Everywhere we go, she finds the logo in record time. On a recent trip to Costco she came across a man wearing the WSU logo and she asked him if he got teased because there are more UW Husky fans around?

He told her yes he does, but that makes wearing and showing his team colors that much more enjoyable because they only tease them knowing the Coug's are better!

When we got home, she asked me if I could try to crochet her a scarf and beanie in maroon and gray, WSU colors, so I told her I would and here is the end product!

Aly is quite tall at 5'7" and she is still growing, so she asked if I could make it a bit longer than her last one I made and without any tassels. Of course, I can't make the team logo without getting into trouble, so just the colors.

If anyone would like to order a scarf for their child getting ready to head off to college in college colors or favorite team colors, I am listing them in my Etsy shop at $10 plus postage. This one is 68" x 5.5".

Now off to figure out how to make her a matching beanie!