Friday, July 3, 2015

Granddaughters 13th Birthday....

Alysha will be 13 on July 15th and sadly due to her birthday coming in the middle of summer, we have planned parties in the past and no one ever shows due to vacations, or split parenting plans, etc.. We have planned them in the past and no one shows up!

Today, she asked her dad if he would be home on her birthday and he told her, 'no, I will be working, not taking the day off for you.' This crushed her. He went with Shy to the water park, took Jony bowling but he has been angry with Aly because she told him honestly, she doesn't like his girlfriend.

I ordered a cake from an amazing lady we know and she is going to do the Washington State University Cougar for her cake ( She wants to go to WSU one day).
She also takes amazing pics, so we are getting her a mid-priced between $40-$100 digital camera (she has won several ribbons at the fair for pics).

What I would like each of you is if you have the time, could you send her a birthday card? Alysha Kester 18740 Ivan Street SW Rochester, WA  98579
It doesn't have to be expensive, just a card that says Happy 13th.


Jean, The Quilting Ranny

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Visiting your blog today for the very first time. This breaks my heart! Wishing Aly a very happy birthday no matter what! Here's hoping I can remember to get a card in the mail and sending hugs to all if you for life's challenges.