Thursday, July 9, 2015

Do You Love Delicious Food That is Amazing?

From #Paleotakeout
This was my dinner last night that I cooked from Russ Crandall over at The Domesticated Man Blog.
Well, to clarify it a bit, I purchased his latest cookbook yesterday at Barnes and Noble because it isn't in our local Costco yet.

The book is called #Paleotakeout and the meal above is the Date Night Burrito Bowl. Let me tell you, it was easy to make and who ever thought of Avocado Mayo was pure genius! Not to mention I have never seen my granddaughter licking her plate clean!

I used pre-cooked chicken I keep in the fridge during the week for my lunches or dinners when I don't want what the family is having. I also used thinly sliced skirt steak for hubby and my son who prefer beef (like Fajita meat).

I used 2 separate bags to make the marinade, popped the meat into the bags and tossed them in the fridge, while I made the Avocado Mayo and the Pice de Gallo all fresh ingredients!

Instead of a bowl, we used freshly made corn/flour tortillas and party in our mouths was out of this world. From the subtle tang of the lime and Cilantro, to the smooth cool of the Avocado Mayo, the bite of the Chipotle chili powder on the meat. It was the best I have ever had homemade!!

Then your mouth dances with the textures of the chicken, Romaine, onions, tomato, tortilla and smoothness of the Avocado Mayo.  It was awesome!!

What is really amazing is we are a food family. When it comes to dinner the kids go back for seconds and last night they were completely full after one and didn't even snack later on!

Russ has a Facebook page #PaleoTakeout you can join and learn more about the book, his book tour which is in full swing and you can read more about his books, his recipes and he seems to always have something to say and answer any questions people ask.

As many of you know, I suffer from autoimmune issues so eating healthier is something I am trying, but if it tastes bad and several non-Russ dishes have, I will NOT eat it just because it is healthy for me.  That would be like swallowing Castor Oil without gagging because you were told to! Oh NO!!! That is NOT me!!

My husband is truly set in his ways....he didn't like the steak because he wanted hamburger meat, he wouldn't try the Avocado Mayo (I should have let him believe it was Guacamole first), he wouldn't have the Cilantro rice and wanted to know where the cheese was. He did eat the rest and said the Pico was great!!

Russ has two other cookbooks and I am going to be honest and tell you I have never tried them but they sound great. The next one I will be purchasing is The Safe Starch Cookbook as I am on a very low carb diet so rice and potatoes are usually a no no!  I believe this book is in Eform only. 

The other book he wrote is called the Ancestral Table and you can get it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you want to try Paleo, these would be great places to start!

**Russ has NOT paid me for endorsing his books and I have not received any compensation...his recipes are just that GOOD!*


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