Saturday, July 18, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I love this time of year when the garden is starting to take off and is in all types of growth stages.  Our Romaine is growing honestly like a weed, our squash is beginning to meander through the garden and our corn is growing a bit as well.

Actually, we have an extremely spoiled tortoise that will only eat Romaine lettuce, so this year I planted some to save us a bit of money! Next year, I think I am going to plant a row for us as well.

Our garden this year was really an experiment. We live in an amazing community and there is a gentleman in our area who brings out his tractor and will dig up your yard, so for less money (alot less) than a tiller would cost, ($45 to be exact), he came out and gave us a 20' x 30' garden area.

Of course hubby wanted to rent a tiller and make the soil easier to work and remove the rocks, I mean large boulders out of the ground (our area used to be a riverbed thousands of years ago), put down some mulch, fertilizer, etc..

However, hubbies honey (that would be me), has no patience and went out and planted truly organic by just digging holes and planting. Lets just say, that hubbies veggies are doing much better since he did add some mulch. 

The large blue tarp we put over the garden during the heat of the day to prevent everything from dying as we have had an unseasonably hot (90-100 degree temps for us) summer this year with little to no rainfall which is unusual for this part of Washington state.

Our cherry tree's gave us exactly one cereal bowl of cherries this year (Some Rainier and some Bing) and that surprised us because we truly didn't expect to have any since we just planted them last year.

 Our plum tree on the other hand, gave us about 10 very sour purple plums but has produced these amazingly sweet yellow plums that are just brimming with juiciness.

Not quite enough to make a jam, but plenty of fun to watch my hubby and the grands come running in with plum juice running down their arms.

I have decided to do a bit of a giveaway on this post as I was overly blessed with a huge box filled with gingham buttons in black and white and red and white and in two life times, I would never use these all.

So, if you have read down this far and you have a garden this year or fruit tree's, leave me a post with a link to a picture and send me an Email where I can get your mailing address and I will send you out a package of each. If you prefer one over the other, I will send you 2 of the same!

Nothing to share on your blog, Facebook page, nothing to wait weeks for, just a simply thank you for sharing my blog with me and your garden!


Dayna said...

I don't have a veggie garden this year. Don't have the strength. Hopefully that will change with the transfusion on Monday. Just have my beautiful lilies that need weeding again. Don't have the energy to do that either. Need to have a block in my spine I guess. Not ready for surgery. I'm just falling apart! But God loves me just the way I am!

Barb said...

Love your garden, I need pointers. Our plum tree gave us very few plums this year....maybe next year.