Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yummy Frozen Custard!

Do you like ice cream? I can't think of to many people who don't and while I know many people are lactose intolerant, I am not sure how I would react if I were told I could not have a bowl of creamy cold goodness on a hot day!

Now, comes along Dryers and brings us Frozen Custard and it is so delicious and creamy, well...we ate the entire container of Snickerdoodle Frozen Custard before I grabbed the camera!

I remember someone fixing custard when I was a child and lets just say I was not pleased with the texture or taste at all! It just did not appeal to me and I haven't tried it since.  However, something that might be frozen always appeals to me, just like frozen yogurt which to me is much better than yogurt which I cannot eat due to its texture!

As part of the #Bzzagent team I received a free coupon for this frozen custard and as stated our first was the Snickerdoodle. The kids and I loved the cinnamon crunchiness that was swirled all through the carton, my husband however, wasn't fond of it and he loves Snickerdoodles.

I will say it is a bit expensive or was at Safeway at $5.99 a quart. However, Albertson's has it this week for only $3.99 a quart and you can choose from one of six flavors: Mint Cookies & Cream, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Malt, Old Fashioned Vanilla, Peanut Butter Pie, Salted Carmel Pretzel. So there appears to be something for everyone.

Unless you have a small family, or want to primarily use this custard for ice cream on pie, for a large family as mine, the price is a bit out of reach. However, in doing the campaign I was able to share some $1 off coupons with friends and hope they enjoy this as well.

So, if you are looking for a creamy alternative to ice cream or just want to go back to those days when you got to go to the ice cream parlor for frozen custard cones, this would be a great way to go!

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