Thursday, August 6, 2015

Button, Button, Who Has Buttons? I do!!

I am stuck by having a very long list of blogs that I have read and followed for years and while I still read many of them and may not comment all the time, sadly, I cannot remove them from my list as blogger no longer allows me to do that.

Why would I want to remove blogs from my reading list?
The main reason is that I have at least ten blogs on my list that are no longer in existence and I can't remove them and my mind doesn't remember them, so when I do have time to read a few, I always find the ones that are, 'No Longer In Service.'

Bloggers change. Some blogs have become private for family members only and have put blocks on their blogs. Some have become nothing more than commercials or ad filled blogs than I can barely read any longer without having an ad pop-up.

But I still love reading blogs and looking around when I have time and recently I have some found some amazing quilting blogs that I would love to share, but they have no button, no way to share them.

Today, I stumbled upon a blog that is about quilting and family and I loved the simplicity of it and that this quilter shares some of the same things I do: family, quilts and pets.  

The blogger goes by the name of Mrs. Goodneedle and her blog is 
called From The Strawberry Patch or Strawberry Patch Quilt Works
and I just found it refreshing like that first bite of a home grown strawberry out of the berry patch.

I am going to start listing blog buttons at the bottom of my blog and if you chose to stop by and say hello to some of these amazing bloggers, I hope you let them know, I sent you their way. After all, we are in many ways, a very small community!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You're so sweet, thank you for your kind words! I've been around blogger for a long time, over nine years and 1800+ posts... you're so right: blog sites change and/or go away, it's hard to keep up. I still keep up with a few that I've read consistently over the years, but bloggers come and go. I'm happy that you found me. And, more inportantly, that I found you too! We share some of the best of all common interests, I'm adding you to my "follow" list.

Scrappy quilter said...

There is a way to delete blogs. There is a little wheel across from the words reading list on your dashboard. If you hit it all the blogs will come up. You just need to find the blog you know longer want to read and hit the garbage can. Poof it's gone.

Quiltingranny said...

Sadly, every time I click on that wheel it tells me they are no longer able to access my friends list. Blogger did something a few years ago and I all I can do now is hide blogs.