Thursday, August 6, 2015

Do You Have Birds Nesting in Your Bobbin?

Okay, so you probably don't have real birds nesting in your sewing machine, but bird nesting is what quilters and others who use sewing machines, call it when your bobbin thread bunches up and looks sort of like this:

For those new to sewing, this phenomena can be very frustrating, but if you know how to diagnose the problem, it will probably happen less and less.

1.) Is your bobbin threaded correctly? That sounds a bit silly doesn't it? However, since I use several machines in the course of a quilt, I have to remember which bobbin goes clock wise and which ones go counter clock wise.

2.) Want to hear an even sillier question? Are you using the right sized bobbin for your machine? Just because it fits in the bobbin case, does not mean it is the correct bobbin.  

Now I can't speak from experience, but I know it happens. Actually, I can speak from experience. When I first began sewing, I thought bobbins were one size fits all, just like that sexy nightie at Victoria Secrets that actually doesn't fit many at all!

I couldn't figure out why my machine wouldn't work. Then, I took it into a local repair shop and he let me know I was using the wrong bobbin. So make sure you know what sized bobbin your machine takes and if you don't have the manual, there is tons of information online that can help you out!

3.) Did you adjust the tension? Is it to loose or to tight?

4.) Are you using the correct needle for the fabric you are using? YES!! It DOES make a difference.

5.) Is the needle threaded properly?

6.) Has your machine made friends with the thread you are using? This one is very important because every machine I have ever used likes a particular brand better than another one.

For instance, my old machines loved Coats and Clark thread which I believe is now just Coats and would not take to any other type of thread without causing me a headache.

7.) My Singer loves Glide thread made by Fil Tec and I can use it one the spool or in the bobbin and it works like a charm and just Glides through fabric. HAHA!!

Just make sure you know the spool size you need. I made the mistake of ordering the large size and it doesn't fit on my machine, so hubby made me a spool holder. I will also hold it upside down to wind my bobbins using my bobbin winder. It works!!
Glide Thread by Fil Tec @Bobbin Central

 The other thing is to know what your bobbin likes best. I can us Glide for anything I come across up and until I need an invisible thread and then the bird nests come like crazy.

I discovered that the only monofilament thread I can use is by Superior Threads which is actually, a Mono-polyester thread. My machine does great with this mono invisible thread and never breaks. However, all other mono invisible threads, break and pop all the time and I am talking sometimes while taking the first few stitches.

 Don't let this post discourage you. Go sit down with your machine, get to know it, read its book, dust it off, clean all the dust and thread out of it each time you make something, oil your machine if it needs it, take some time, be patient and if you do, I promise you your machine will hum and purr for you better than ever!

It is like operating a body on McDonald's all your life and then finding out, fruits and veggies are delicious and better for you, however which ones you like, depends on you.

Enjoy your machine, your projects and remember, if you have a question there are hundred who quilt who would love to help!

**Neither Fil Tec (Glide or Bobbin Central) or Superior Threads or their affiliates have reimbursed me or given to me to review any of their products, I did this all on my own!**

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You've composed a great, comprehensive guide here; a real service to those who sew and run into snags (and birds' nests) from time to time. You and I are in total agreement on threads... Glide by FilTec and MonoPoly by Superior are fanatastic threads that I love for machine quilting... and I, like you, receive no compensation for saying that! ;)